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Update for Residents | Oct. 1

Clean up has begun and CIS is hopeful that a limited amount of families will be rehoused next week.

As we have explained, the air quality due to mold is unhealthy the buildings are without utilities and remain unsafe.

Due to the health and safety of our residents at this time, no admittance to units is possible. Since the event, CIS has made staff available to assist in recovering critical items for residents. If you require access for emergency items, including medication, work or school related items please call, 1-888-604-1738 and we will make an appointment for you to retrieve.

All residents are being processed for any and all available vacant units within the CIS portfolio. We are making these units available under priority status and as an accommodation to our residents.

No one is forced to move or a take a unit that does not address your needs. Apartments are temporary housing only and are offered as an alternative to hotels. In the event a resident does not want the unit for any reason, you will still be housed in the hotel.

There is no guarantee of units for temporary housing. The extremely low vacancy in the market has left very little accommodations available to families. CIS will continue to make our units available and hope that others may offer available units as well.

Section 8 vouchers are being processed by the Elizabeth Housing Authority. If it is determined that your home will take more than 12 months to repair we will be forwarding your name to HACE. You will receive a call and be asked to meet and be processed for a voucher.

The decision to take a Section 8 voucher will require termination of your lease for your unit. You can not be approved for two forms of HUD subsidy (a unit and a section voucher) at the same time. Therefore, the decision to execute the Section 8 with HACE requires you to relinquish your rights to your apartment. This is a critical decision for you and your family. The Section 8 voucher allows you to move anywhere and rent any apartment within the rental price authorized. However, we caution families that due to the lack of apartments, finding an apartment is still difficult.

If you are offered and declined the Section 8 voucher, you may not be able to come back to your unit for over a year due to required repairs. You will be placed on a wait list for temporary housing, but will remain eligible for a hotel under your FEMA benefits.

It is critical that you have registered for your FEMA benefits. You must have your letter qualifying you as a displaced household. We are still processing families for available Section 8 vouchers who have had units destroyed. You will be called by HACE for an appointment.

If you have not been called yet, we thank you for your patience. In most cases your unit is slated to be returned to you over the next few weeks. We will continue to keep you updated on progress.

Please respond to phone calls made by CIS staff, we are finding conditions of full voicemail boxes, which makes it difficult for us to contact you.

This circumstance has been difficult for many families and seniors. We thank the City, the County and Non-Profit partners for their constant support of residents. We continue to push for homes to be returned to our families, in the safe and healthy condition required. This will take time, and we appreciate the patience of the community.

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