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Update for the CIS Oakwood Community | Sept. 17

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This week the property has been cleaned and remaining cars are stored and will be removed.

Please make sure if you have abandoned a vehicle that you have removed your license plates.

The remediation of the buildings has started. It is our goal to have people back in their homes as quickly as possible.

Due to health and safety concerns we can not provide access to units; however, we will work with residents to retrieve critical items. Please call to arrange for a time to access your unit.

All units are being evaluated for level of damage. Residents will be accommodated  with permanent, or temporary relocation based upon damage to their unit. It is critical that you keep your appointment with staff so we can secure housing for you.

If you have changed your email or cell phone please notify us immediately.

Please file your paperwork with FEMA so you retain access to moving expense, food vouchers and other family support services.

Please know we are working hard to get every family back into their home, and we appreciate the members of our community for their strength during this trying time.

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