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Update for Residents Impacted by Hurricane Ida | Sept. 22

At this time CIS has embarked on the remediation of buildings. We see the rebuild and clean up as two separate stages of returning families to their homes.

The remediation has begun this week. We must address air quality and restore electric as the two central requirements for returning families to units that were not damaged by the flood event. The units on the third fourth and fifth story of Westminster Heights, Oaks at Westminster , and Parker’s View as well as units in Parker’s Walk need minimum repairs and may be returned to residents in the next few weeks.

Individuals who have been offered vouchers resided in units deemed to take 1 year before occupancy is available.

Residents offered relocation options has depended upon the extent of damage. These units are estimated to be off line for more than 6 months so that we can address health and safety repairs before returning any family to a unit.

Some residents may be relocated back to units within a few weeks to months. We are determining scope and repairs by unit.

CIS is also working with the HMFA and Hud to identify other housing resources for temporary relocation. Each resident family is being contacted.

Residents who reside in units which anticipate 6 months to be rehabilitated will be contacted by CIS management as we provide options within the CIS families of properties .

CIS is able to waive security deposits for these CIS controlled units since they are within our control and we can assist with moving when needed. No one is required to move to a CIS identified unit, FEMA remains the party responsible to provide emergency shelter. CIS is identifying these units as an alternative to the FEMA locations, namely Hotels and Shelters.

HUD has given us authority to move you to these CIS units and preserve your rights to subsidy under your current lease. Your existing lease also secures your right to return to the property post remediation.

Water removal from basements has been completed allowing cleanup and disinfection , mechanical and electrical system replacement and repairs. Elevator repair evaluations will occur as soon as we can complete mechanical room clean up. Critical to re housing residents is meeting required air quality within buildings. We have engaged a hygienist which will certify safety of air quality prior to return of any family.

Unfortunately the property was severely damaged and repairs will take time. Units will become available at different times based on access to utilities and level of repairs. CIS is addressing all issues and commits to have residents back in units as soon as safety and health standards can be met.

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