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Hurricane Ida | September10 Update

We at CIS are commitment to our resident community impacted by IDA. This week all residents have been provided temporary shelter. CIS is working hard to identify permanent and temporary relocation for all families displaced by the IDA.

This week please note,

Each resident will receive an official letter declaring the leaseholder displaced. This is a critical communication that will arrive by Email. You will need to keep a copy of this letter as proof and documentation that will make you eligible for future individual support from FEMA

CIS has been conducting apartment by Apartment inspections to evaluate specific time frames for repairs and return to your unit.

Each individual will have a specific program developed unique to your apartment condition. CIS staff will be reaching directly to identify next steps for you and your household.

Our intention is to move quickly to return all residents to their apartments. Due to the level of damage in certain units some families will not be able to return under a recent timeframe and accommodation for rehousing are being made.

Individuals in need of assistance with lost documents that may have been provided during your recertification process can make appointments at CIS Portside management office starting on Sept 13, 2021. Please call: (908) 354-0485

The emergency assistance number for impacted families remains : 1-888-604-1738

Clean up is underway at the site, access to units are prohibited.

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